Start the Engine – Spark Plugs: What and How Does It Work?

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The spark plug is a small electrical device that fits into a cylinder head of a combustion engine. It is used to start ignition to compressed aerosol gasoline by the use of an electric spark. It also has a single electrode which is linked by a heavy single wire to an ignition coil.

bosch spark plugs ukInternal combustion engines can also be divided into spark-ignition engines that need spark plugs to start a combustion and diesel engines. It compresses the air and then places diesel fuel into the heated air mixture where it can ignite alone. Special compression-ignition engines may require the use of glow plugs to improve its cold start ignition.

To make it simpler, without a spark plug, any kind of vehicles won’t start. Because the spark plug is connected directly to the engine performance. Weak or bad spark plugs can result in a start engine issue, either the engine is cold or misfires during the acceleration.  Moreover, without better condition spark plugs, your vehicle would not be able to use its functionality on the maximum power and it can possibly lead to a drop in fuel level.

Spark Plugs Functions: Ignition and Operation 

Ignition – spark plugs are used to start ignition to the air or fuel mixture. Electrical energy is being transferred by the spark plug. Jumping from the spaces in the plugs to fire an end if the voltage supplies are high enough to support.

The electrical spark ignites the gasoline or air mixture to a combustion chamber. Moreover, bosch spark plugs uk can only remove heat and doesn’t have the ability to create one.

Operation – spark plugs are connected to the high voltage that can be generated by an ignition coil or/and magneto. The voltage difference can be developed between the center and side electrode while electrons are flowing from the ignition coil.

As the voltage keeps on rises, it will begin to change the position of the gases between the two electrodes. Thus, when the voltage exceeds the desired electric strength of the two electrodes, the gases will become ionized.

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