Brainstorming for Unique Businesses Ideas

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Developing truly unique concepts is a struggle, so there are often many “copies” in the industry. Our new business ideas, products and services are often based on existing products and services, giving only gradually different results. Exiting the existing framework to see opportunities in a new light is key.

What is brainstorming?

According to Wikipedia, “brainstorming is a group creativity method designed to generate many ideas for solving a problem.” Brainstorming about a business should be uncensored. No idea is stupid or impossible, and each person’s contribution is equally valuable. The ideas of the mail clerk are just as valuable as the ideas of the president.

To leave the existing business or production environment, participants must “erase” their memories and pretend that they know nothing about what (or not) is possible. Treat each idea with equal attention, no matter how extravagant. The task of generating truly unique business ideas is to freely combine and generate as many ideas as possible.

Norman Asch

Brainstorming through the five senses

There is nothing more boring than a sterile conference room. Nevertheless, it is here that many new sessions of business ideas / conceptual developments are held, in a room with four blank walls and without incentives (away from the best conditions for generating new ideas). Brainstorming sessions need trampolines for creative juices.

One way to develop and generate innovative business ideas from Norman Asch, products or services is to involve all external senses. Try to fill colorful gift bags with small objects of different textures, tastes, appearance, ingredients, sounds and smells. During a brainstorming session, divide into small groups of three or four people and hand out a bag to each group. Ask each group to consider the bag, introducing how sensory aspects can be incorporated into a new product or other new idea. After about 20 minutes of digging in bags, discussing and writing ideas, let each group present their ideas. You will find many more great ideas than you can follow.

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