Filing your returns before the due date in Hong Kong

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Annual filing (or Annual Return) is the annual statutory prerequisite for all the registered company entities to maintain and renew their legal statue to operate continuously for a given period of time. To setup a company in China, or doing business with a company, it’s important to have the grasp on how this system of China Company Registration actually works. Each company incorporated has to file the annual return with a Companies Registry.

Public Company

The public companies should file the annual return Hong Kong within 42days from its return date being six months after an end of the accounting period.

Companies Registry

Company limited by a guarantee

Such company should file an annual return within 42days from it return date being nine months after an end of the accounting period.

Private company

The private companies have to file annual return within 42days from its first incorporation date. Late filing of annual return may subject a company to pay filing fee. Moreover, prosecution by Companies Registry is possible. Understanding China Company registration is one important consideration in case you’re assessing legitimacy of the Chinese company and business information or credentials they’re giving you with. The public companies and the companies limited by a guarantee should file annual return with the audited statements and filing fee.

Form of Annual Return

Form NAR1 needs to be used. Registration fee applicable on delivery will depend on the type of a company.

Complying to Deliver Return for Registration

It’s the obligation and responsibility of the company and their officers to comply and observe with the annual return Hong Kong filing necessities under relevant provisions of Companies Ordinance. You must make certain arrangements in delivering the return to Registrar of Companies within the given time frame as soon as possible.

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