The Downside of the Trucking Industry

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This article I am about to write is about a topic that people usually don’t really pay too much attention to. And, the topic is about the Trucking Industry. The trucking Industry is nothing new to me; I used to work in that industry a few years back, and from what I learned, there are a lot of downsides to this industry. And I want you readers to focus on this topic, too, because it all comes down to money.

The trucking Industry is one of oldest trades in American history, and it continues this very minute in time. In the past nothing, but men were in this industry, but recently a lot of women have entered this kind of workforce. But, people don’t know how hard this work really is, and let me tell you it really is hard work that does not pay enough.

The typical truck driver especially the coast-to-coast drivers, put in at least sixty hours or more a week, without hardly any rest. The only time they stop daily is to eat, fuel, and bathe. So, you are basically a workaholic with no life. You are usually gone days, or months at a time from home, and that can be stressful.

The companies that hire these drivers have a turn over rate of at least 95%, and that is really bad. The majority get paid by the mile, which is no problem, but after it all adds up, you are not making no more than ten dollars an hour. The companies are getting rich, and the drivers are remaining broke. When I was working in the Trucking Industry I met a lot of drivers who would quit, because of the money situation, and would go back to college to become teachers.

Not, only is the pay bad, but the danger is also very high on the roads. I have seen very scary accidents while I was in the industry, and these accidents happen more, and more often every day. The only way to avoid these tragic accidents is to properly train these drivers, and educate them on the dangers of driving these big trucks. And, the trucking companies need to not make deadlines a big issue, because I would rather have the load arrive safely at it’s destination, instead of the load not arriving at all. Cek ongkos kirim ekspedisi

When it comes to the pay, I think there should be no pay by the mile. Instead these truck drivers should be salaried, at least thirty thousand a year, with fifty hour work weeks. Now that would be a bargain, because some coast-to-coast drivers sometimes do not even make two-hundred dollars a week, because of slow freight, but that is not the drivers fought, but it is the companies fought.

Well that about wraps up my article, and I do not want to offend no one by the writing of this article, and I respect all the hard working truck drivers who drive everyday, and make this economy prosper.

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