Unique interior design Company in Singapore

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The experience they are having in office interior designing are helping us in understanding the individual requirements of clients for all their office interior design. At the same time, they are also seeing the corporate and the industry image. They are creating the unique designs for you.

Corporate image is very important for the companies nowadays. A good corporate image is got reflected into the public perception and the reputation of the company.

They are very big on corporate image. The volume of the company speaks up the long-term value of the brands.

They are taking various effort and ensuring that the interior design of office is blending perfectly with the corporate identity. It will also enhance further and make it clear and loud to the public.

Below are various services, whichare offered:

office interior design company in Singapore

  1. Design Consultation
  • Office Interior design
  • Space planning
  • Project management
  1. Interior furnishing
  • Ceiling design works
  • Partition & glass works
  • Hacking and tiling works
  1. M&E works
  • Fire sprinkler works
  • Electrical works
  • Air conditioning and plumbing
  1. Project Management
  • Site coordination
  • Cost budgeting control
  • Design and build management
  1. Furniture Works
  • Custom made furniture
  • Office furniture
  • Chairs and sofa
  1. Soft Finishing
  • Wallpaper works
  • Carpet and laminate flooring
  • Window blinds and curtains
  1. Submission works
  • M&E submission
  • Structural and fir submission
  • Submission to management
  1. Renovation works
  • Protecting and hoarding works
  • Reinstatement works
  • Hacking & etc.

For more info on office interior design company in Singapore, you can visit http://www.masonworks.com.sg/en/projects/offices/s

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