The certification scheme for PEIs in Singapore

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In Singapore, the edutrust Certification System is a quality assurance scheme run by the Council for Private Education (CPE), which is open to private education institutions (PEIs). To differentiate private schools thatcan continuously maintain a high level of quality in the entire provisioning of education services while also making continuous changes that result in good student outcomes, the programhas been launched.

The EduTrust Certification Scheme (EduTrust) is a Quality Assurance (QA) evaluation for 4-Year Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF) Private Education Institutions (PEIs) that is governed by the Committee for Private Education (CPE). Thisprovides degree programs, route programs, or instruction to international students using an international curriculum. This accreditation is given to PEIs that have continuously maintained a high level of quality in the entire provision of education services and have made continuous improvements that have resulted in favorable student outcomes. The evaluation looks at the province’s plans, policies, procedures, and processes, as well as its infrastructure, service, and employee retention. Awarded EduTrust certifications are classified into three categories: EduTrust Provisional, EduTrust, and EduTrust Star.

Certification for edutrust

Bringing EduValue on board as your advisors will relieve you of the stress of achieving EduTrust and enable you to concentrate on your core business operations and operations management.

It is not necessary to make EduTrust Certifications more challenging. Allow them to demonstrate how it is done, having gone through more than 200 EduTrust Assessments themselves.While the EduTrust certification procedure is more time-consuming and complex than the ERF method, it is not impossible to get the certification. Over the years, EduValue has worked with many customers who have successfully renewed their EduTrust accreditation.


Because of the large number of customers served, they regularly provide EduTrust advice, which allows them to stay abreast of any changes in evaluation criteria and react to these changes. As a result, the research team pays close attention to activities on the ground and is always looking for and evaluating new and better workflow procedures.

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