Place the order on our website if you want to request specific delivery times.

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The food delivery services are provided to all the mothers with halal confinement. The fresh meals are prepared and delivered from the kitchen by the dedicated staff. The best delivery options are available on our website so you can decide to order the food online. Different meals are prepared for lunch and dinner to satisfy the needs of the mothers. You can request specific times when you place the order on our website. The confinementmealdelivery boxes are delivered into thermal boxes before they are delivered to the mothers. The required nutritional content is provided to the mothers so they can stay rest assured about the meals when they place the order on our website.

Delicious and tasty confinement meals:

The seasonality and availability should be taken into account if they want to know about the menu items. You can notify before you place the order for the beef requests and other customizations. The confinement meal delivery packages which are available on our website are inclusive of the delivery charges. Healthy confinement meals are now made more accessible for postnatal mothers. The delicious and tasty halal confinement meals can be created as the young mothers will try to dedicate their time and love cooking. If you want to get the required information about the confinement meals then you can feel free to visit our website. The delivery requests are accepted for the specific delivery times so there will be no issues for the mothers.

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