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It is possible!

          This is a very possible situation that even for a newly released game, there are ways that can be found to play the game to one’s advantage. The discussion here is about the valorant hacks that have come up what with the testing agencies are busy find the hacks. There seems to be a competition of sorts to check out who would do the hacks first. The gaming brand had said that it is fool proof game where interference is out of the question but hackers being what they are, they are quite engaged in the attempt to prove them all wrong.

How it’s done?

          It has been reported that a player was able to encounter a hack moving in through the backdoor which proves that hacks are possible. There are some other aspects which need to be checked. One such is the entry and exit of players. As the game is played as a team and if one team member levees the game in the middle and if a re entry is tried, then the player is put in the opposition team which needs to be dealt with.

They are swift!

          There are also some tweets about the hackers as they found invasion by the hackers when they were engaged in the game and that those who knew the valorant hacks get an advantage while playing the game. There is a report of the bug issue as well which needs to be tackled.

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