A step towards innovation and youth development

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Usually we people spend a lot of time in the internet space that offers us everything that we need within a short period of time. Youngsters of this modern world are highly interested in a thing only if it is available for them through internet and the other things are rejected without a second thought. The fame of smart phones have also created a hike in the familiarity of internet surfing and as a result the people love to get everything within their work room and also they need all their works to be done in a single screen. Mariyam Dawood has an absolute understanding about these youth requirements.

innovation and youth development

Youth empowerment

Origin of a certain person does not decide their life it helps them to shape their life. However the real genius in the scholars makes them very strong even towards a difficult environment. Also these effects really shape them as an undeniable personality. This is the way how Mariyam Dawood and her husband has reached a large amount of group of youth in making their dreams come true.

Their fund towards research

Research is the only way to get innovative things. But the main problem in researchis that it could not cats a business. It requires funding from different personalities in order to survive. Thanks to the Dawood couple who have lend their charity in order to give a life to the medical research at the centre for innovation in medical education. Bashir Dawood has a great liking for the medical world innovations and only with proper funds, innovation can get the property seat in the medical industry.

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