Milnor’s washing equipment is constructed to upsurge profitability,

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A milnor commercial washer is only as worthy as its Milnor washer parts working together cohesively as one entity. Milnor parts are certain to proposal a solution to a Milnor commercial front load washer. On-premise plusbusiness laundries round the world are recognizing savings with their Milnor apparatus. Milnor’s big scale washer-extractors upsurge the productivity of laundry amenities by minimalizing loading and unloading times through hydraulic tilt technology.

Water & Energy Saving Technology

Milnor’s MilTouch controls combine Rin Save technology plus ExactXtract extraction optimizer for firm mount washer-extractors that combine rugged buildingplus energy savings. MilTouchpermits the user to fine-tune, adapt and select pre-programmed formulations based on precisenecessities. Easily transfer washer-extractor formulas, which could be formed using Milnor’s PC programmer software, plus backups from your PC to any MilTouch machine using the machine’s USB port.

CBW Batch Tunnel Washers

Milnor’s PulseFlow CBW washers plus hands-free washer-extractor systems need only a single operator, therefore saving on labor charges. Shorter procedure times in their CBW systems plus tear-free washer extractors lengthen linen life, decreasing linen replacement prices. By dropping procedure times the CBW system moreover saves on energy, and with the aid of PulseFlow, saves on water too.

PulseFlow is Milnor’s patent-pending technology constructed into CBW wash systems which decreases water and energy consumption, advances chemical performance, plus cuts wash times intensely. Successfully executingPulseFlow into hospitality, healthcare plus linen supply commercial pluson premisewashings, we’re assured milnor commercial washer advancement in technology would improve your washing services.

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