Electronic Cigarettes Does Not Affect Your Kids

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We all know that regular tobacco cigarette smoking is considered as harmful as it produces smoke that consists of harmful toxic elements. There are times when one question keeps on repeating in our mind is smoking affects your kids? Therefore, to find answers to this serious question we need to take a deeper look at a new product that is called as electronic cigarette also called as vapour or smokeless cigarette.

An electronic cigarette does not affect your kids:

  • With the launch of electronic cigarettes, one thing is quite clear and that is the smoke produced from electronic cigarettes is considered as less harmful.
  • Though there is no concrete evidence, that is available right now but many clinical trials are going on to check for the effects of electronic cigarette over human health.
  • There is one latest test that is being conducted in Italy Europe and the initial results seem to be quite encouraging and positive. As per the initial results, it has been observed that people who started smoking electronic cigarettes developed a reducing need for smoking. All of these people were chain or hard core smokers.
  • The above said observation is being thought as a very positive step for those people who wish to quit regular cigarette smoking but are not able to do so because of the presence of an addictive substance called as nicotine in tobacco cigarettes.
  • One of the best things about vapour cigarettes is that when the heating element inside it heats up the e liquid also called as e juice a misty vapour is produced. It is then inhaled by us and it gives feeling that is similar to regular cigarette smoking but this misty vapour is much less harmful than the tobacco cigarette smoke.
  • Moreover, there is no foul smell and whatever we breathe out is fresh and pleasant breath of air. The kids don’t feel bad about it. Therefore, if you are in a room or a car, there are kids around you, and you feel like having a smoke then electronic cigarettes are a perfect and ideal option to enjoy.
  • Regular tobacco cigarettes are started with the help of matchsticks or lighter whereas the electronic cigarette gets heated up with the help of a manual or automatic battery and there is no fire involved in it.
  • Electronic cigarettes are also getting quite popular because of the reason that it is helping many people across the world to quit regular cigarette smoking. The same is getting proved as per the observation of so many positive reviews posted on various e cigarette forums.

Hence we can very well assume that electronic cigarettes does not affect your kids and offers you complete piece of mind and all of the above said points are enough to answer the question such as is smoking affecting your kids? We can conclude that electronic cigarette does not affect the health of your kids. You will enjoy vaping like never before with these cigarettes.


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