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Over the years massage therapy has been looked on from a perspective that deemed it more like a cosmetic procedure to promote wellness. Indeed, back in the day most massage therapies would focus on stress reduction and lowering anxiety levels. However, as more and more research and breakthroughs have been done over the years it has come to light that massage therapy can play a much larger role in the spectrum of medical care. Nowadays we find more and more people adopting this as a post-medical procedure for relief.

Some of the unique and trendiest massages therapies out there:

  • Aromatic oils and a light touch are being used to rejuvenate the skin.
  • Barefoot massage technique in which the therapist walks over the client’s back to prove a relief to deep tissues.
  • Massages are also done over the abdominal and torso region to try and alleviate some of the issues faced by internal organs.
  • Light touches to the areas near the face and forehead to relieve pent-up stress from the cranial region.
  • Javanese massage in which the therapist uses knuckles to apply pressure over all the joints of the client’s body.
  • Lomi Lomi is a traditional Hawaiian technique that focuses on the lymph nodes and helps to improve blood flow throughout the body.
  • Manual lymphatic drainage releases the build-up of these fluids and promotes improved circulation of these throughout the body.
  • Sustained, gentle pressure on the myofascial region is used to slowly drain out any muscle knots and tension from the area.
  • A lot of improvements are also being made when it comes to using facets of Ayurveda in conventional massage therapy.
  • Watsu technique uses warm water, muscle stretching, and components of dance to relieve pain and relax the muscles.

If you are looking for a unique massage experience then you might want to try out some of these by getting yourself a massage therapist in Canonsburg, PA. a good session of massage therapy is bound to enliven your mood and help reduce bodily problems that have been haunting you for quite some time.

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