Photolemur 3 Complete Review

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Photolemur is a brand-new editing software that makes use of computer science plus AI to help you improve your photographs in the greatest possible way. This unbelievable piece of editing software is accessible for Macs plus PCs alike. Photolemur, the instinctive image processing software using artificial intelligence, has been released in form 3 that radically improves its operation as well as the eminence of photograph processing. For more info visit


Photolemur, accessible on Mac and Windows, examines the photographs submitted to it plus offers automatic improvement founded on algorithms and the scrutiny of vast quantities of photographs to perfect your pictures.

The software could recognize a portrait, trees, a landscape, a drone shot, in addition to apply suitable settings. Certainly, it can recover particulars in a clear sky, restore colors, precise an under/overexposed image as well as increase contrast, etc.


New features contain the ability to add predefined flairs to your pictures. Apollo, Evolve, fall, Mono, Noble, as well as spirited styles, derive from both artificial intelligence as well as human control. They were selected from 1000 presets shaped automatically. The finest ones have been selected by an algorithm – does a machine taste decent? – And then be offered to beta testers who aided to choose the 6 styles.

Since version 2.2 Spectrum, it is likely to adjust the concentration of the automatic retouching applied toward an image. Certainly, to decrease the effects, an intensity slider is accessible.

With Photolemur 3, it is moreover possible to manage as well as develop a batch of pictures (up to 200 copies). While opening numerous photographs, you can improve a particular picture and then apply the settings toward the other images. Though, if you favor using an exclusive effect on each one, it is of course possible. Afterward that press export plus you’re done!

It is mainly useful to export everything at once since although the export is fairly good and offers advanced settings as files naming, resizing otherwise output formats choice… It is quite long! Exporting everything in once lets you to go away from your computer whereas the software works at its pace.

 Advanced AI Technology

Only the maximum up-to-date, potent AI technology powers Photolemur. It is based on the idea of machine learning, thus as more and more photographs are uploaded into the software, it gets better plus better at identifying difficulties with disclosure, lighting, and more. It’s unbelievable to see whatever an effect this AI algorithm has while retouching your photographs. The outcome is high-quality pictures that look remarkable but natural.

Simple Interface

Photo Enhancer

One of the huge benefits of using Photolemur is how simple plus streamlined it is. Actually, there are very few switches or icons for you toward click on at all. Fundamentally, Photolemur does all the work for you.

You just requisite to load your photographs in and let the algorithm take care of the editing. It is possible to choice the extent of improvement you would like for each image using a convenient slider, plus you could turn on or off precise tools for example the Eye Enlarger otherwise the Auto Lens Correction. Or else, this simple app is very easy and fast to use.

Photoshop & Lightroom Plugin

You could use Photolemur as a standalone app, however it’s also likely to add it to Adobe Lightroom otherwise Photoshop as a plugin. This mode, you get complete access to the wide variety of advanced tools plus functions within the renowned Adobe apps. However you can still harness Photolemur’s potent Artificial Intelligence by just the click of a switch. You will get more info on

Final Words

As you could see, Photolemur is a very exciting take on editing software as well as it has a lot to offer to users who have to edit huge amounts of photographs. You might think that this is not the kind of tool that would replace all other editing tools on your disposal, plus you might be right, however it can complement your tools very courteously.

This small investment will offer a very useful and dependable tool that can work on photographs for you while you emphasis on other things!

This app doesn’t need any subscription fees plus that you have a 30-day cash back guarantee if you discover that the app is not for you. Generally, Photolemur is fairly worth the shot, so you would give it a try!

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