Cartoon characters influence the children

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There are many cartoon character and cartoon based films available nowadays. When we consider the channel there are separate channels for children and in those channels, there are specific cartoon channels. These channels are most liked by the children and even sometimes they get addicted to the stories which they watch in those channels. When we look at the cartoon characters involved in those stories are either a very strong superhero or a comic character. Such type of characters impress the children to a great extent and also these characters stick on to their mind. The children often perform like that character. When the movies are considered not only character based movies there are many types of movies released in order to attract the children. There are many 3D movies and movies based on the life of the animals. Movies based on god and goddess and also story based movies. Whatever may be the movie about the children wants to watch the movie.

There are certain movies which are based on the life of babies. When children watch these movies they are very happy. In the same way the “My Neighbor Totoro” is a movie which was released and the movie was a grand success.This is totally based on the experience and the situation the children in the movie faces. A baby bunny is named as totoro and which is found out by a small girl in the family and from there the story starts. This is an animated movie which was written and directed by a Japanese director. This character named totoro impacted the children to a greater extent. When a character of an animated movie or series gets popular. The businessman wants to make it as a business and earn money. In the same way, there are many products based on the totoro available on the market now. There are many products such as totoro indoor slippers, leather bags, keychain hangings, totoro printed pillow covers and printed t-shirts. The totoro lovers can get these products on the online shopping websites. So we can order it online and get the products required.

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