Ripped or Torn Jeans is A New Hip – Add a Cool Statement

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It started with an unknown designer who thought to change the way we wore jeans & slit it from places and called it, torn or ripped jeans. Do you still believe in such story? It this isn’t how ทํา กางเกง ยีน ส์ ขาด came in existence. Earlier, working class people generally wore jeans because they felt very comfortable in it. This over-wearing of jeans caused them to have the ripped look that became a trend very soon.

Style Not Yet Forgotten

Clothes in 70’s were a big part of the self-expression. At those days, denim material became the sign of rebellion. And jeans were only meant for working class and they were very casual for people who were businessmen or professionals. However, many people wanted to get creative and for this reason, they started to add the personal touch in their jeans. It was when this embroidered and patched jeans stormed the world of fashion. Torn jeans are not something that just came out; they consistently have been in the fashion since early 80s.

Give a Cool Look

Skinny torn jeans with เสื้อ oversize ชาย are the hot choice when you are looking to add a little cool and sexy edge in your style. One will look chick just by pairing your torn jeans with any oversized outfits. Torn jeans aren’t just made by using the scissors and old jeans. Torn jeans are actually made with the exact rips, and the threaded features get added to make these rips look realistic and maintain the best quality.

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