The Most Popular Ghibli Animation Movies That You Must Watch

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Ghibli Stuido is a prominent name in the world of producing high class animation movies, commercial advertisements and short films. This Japanese studio has become famous throughout the world for its amazing animation films which are not just appreciated by kids but also adored by adults. With popularity of films, craze for purchasing Ghibli merchandise items or souvenirs is also increasing. You can check Totoro plush items add studio ghibli store showpieces on the nook and corners of your home. Visitors would surely appreciate it and your kid will love it. In the following section, let us find some popular Ghibli Studio movies.

Pom Poko

Ghibli Studio’s animated films are loved throughout the world. Pm Poko is such a film which is based on ancient Japanese culture and rituals. Despite of that, people throughout the world have shown tremendous love for this film. Pom Poko is based on a story that features raccoons and their struggle to stop urbanization at the cost of deforestation. The ghost parade sequence is the most significant part of this film.

My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro is a tale of a super cute and adorable girl, who discovers an entire forest with lively spirits. Miyazaki, director of this film, had stated that he intended to make this film so that urban kids can get the glimpse of simple lifestyle of countryside people. Totoro turns out to be an immortal character, as the character is still popular even though film was released in the year of 1988. You can opt for buying Totoro plush items as gifts for your kids.

Spirited Away

This is another film from Miyazaki, and this film interestingly takes inspiration from the greatest novel “Alice in Wonderland”. Chihiro is the protagonist of this movie and she is a strong-willed person. In this film, she will find herself into an alternative world of Gods, spirits and dragons.

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