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Are you having difficulties gaining more followers to listen to your music? Here are easy tips and tricks to help you out. Gain more streams on Spotify, gain new followers, and spotipromo.

Roster consistency

Get all your songs onto the platform. It is very easy for listeners to lose interest when there is only one song on the platform. The more records you release the higher chance of getting on bigger playlists. Release high-quality singles at a consistent rate. A single every three months is not bad. Set a budget for these singles and set a metric for monthly listeners. Starters usually aim for 10k.

Start with a bang

Most songs have a pointless 15-30 seconds intro. Listeners usually skip this. Make sure your song flows well from the beginning until the end. This is very important. Especially when you plan to send your music to labels and playlist curators.

Short and concise

Shorter songs take less time in writing and production. You can make more songs. Your song does not have to be lengthy. What matters is the context.

Spotify for Artists

This is a free tool you should use. There are a lot of artists with over thousands of followers. They do not submit their songs to Spotify for Artists. Make sure to submit your songs 2 weeks before the release.

Make your distribution company your best friend

Distribution companies help you access marketing opportunities like Apple Music and Spotify. Your distributor is your greatest ally. Do not complain about your distributor on social media. If you have concerns, it is better to approach and talk to them about it.

Splice method

This method is popular nowadays. Create a music video that contains about 60% of your song. Upload it on YouTube. You can overlay the video with a message saying, “Full song available on Spotify.” Do not forget to include the link to the song on Spotify in the video description. 20-30 seconds of video is great.

Awesome cover art

Most people decide whether they want to buy a new CD based on the cover art or album cover. Intriguing artwork will attract potential listeners. Your song will also have a higher chance to get featured in a playlist. Established artists usually have great artwork as their cover art.

Social media

Most people are on social media. You have to make use of these platforms. It will be easier to gain plays and followers on Spotify if you have a great Twitter and Instagram accounts. Use these channels to notify your followers of your new song.

If you are earnest about your music career, consider the tips above. Gaining followers and plays on Spotify is not easy. But with hard work, nothing is impossible.