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Many people compare calligraphy with lettering. Though, there are many differences between both. Calligraphy is a style of writing where letters are written through a rhythmic flow with different nib pen. But, hand lettering is an art that is formed deliberated through drawing to result in decorative letters. This art allows people to create more forms and decorate in their self. For this you can use any kind of pen, pencil or any brush pens. Comfort for you matters in lettering rather than choosing a particular tool to write. As hand lettering has become more popular in these days, you can get more opportunity with hike in your income. Real world examples of lettering that you experience your daily routine are wedding cards and menus cards of hotel. Those lettering cannot be designed as the go. People who knows hand lettering helps companies to design and draw letter formats. When you look at those lettering you will feel those words are created flawless and effortless. Exactly, they are flawless and effortless when you practiced them keen along your path.

Hand lettering can seem like threatening at first, but it is easy when you learn and practice. Thus to help you get started, Skilshare classes are created with many online tutorials along with videos and easy tricks and tips. Visit Skillshare classes to train yourself in lettering and shine in this field. Materials that are necessary for lettering are

  • Paper
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Brush pen
  • Stationary card

 Hand lettering is defined with some basic terminologies such as

  • Cap line
  • Upstroke
  • x-line
  • flourish
  • down stroke
  • baseline

When you get familiarized with all these terminologies, you can explore your best and get acknowledged along your path of learning. Along with your learning, you can work out to make your own design.

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