7 Advantages of laser cutting

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In the field of manufacturing to complete your project successfully the accuracy and precision are considerable. There are many traditional cutting methods are available using punches, dies, and other tools. But it is not sure it gives better performance than laser cutting. Laser cutting using laser cutter is the best choice for your project. Let us see how it is so.

High accuracy and precision cuts

An extremely small and powerful laser is used in laser cutting to provide a focused beam to the material to cut it precisely.

It is possible to cut materials with unparallel accuracy with a tolerance range from 0.003mm to 0.006 mm using a laser cutter. Other cutters like plasma cutters and die-cutting tools will not have tolerance low as a laser cutter.

Suitable for complex jobs

With a laser cutter, you can do any complex structures without sacrificing precision and tolerance level. That too can do quickly and easily.

Work with reduced wastage

With the given sheet of material, you can do several components without wasting material.  The precision and accuracy of laser cutting allow us to use a maximum percentage of material purposefully.

Ideal for thin materials

There is a misconception that laser cutting causes a lot of distortion and warping due to overheating. But it is not the case; its Heat Affected Zone is quite small and well suited for cutting very thin materials.

Low power consumption

In presses and other cutting tools, some physical moving parts are used to cut the materials which might consume an enormous amount of energy. But there are no moving parts in laser cutting and requires only 10kW of energy even to cut thick materials.


This is an important advantage of laser cutting. It can be used to do many tasks with any kind of material.

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