Know about South China Sea contention

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The South China Sea, one of the world’s busiest conduits, is dependent upon a few covering regional questions including China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei. The contention has stayed uncertain for a considerable length of time however has risen as a flashpoint in China-US relations in Asia. Check out for more details.

What is the contention about?

The Philippines, Vietnam, China, Brunei, Taiwan and Malaysia hold extraordinary, once in a while covering, regional cases over the ocean, in view of different records of history and geology. China guarantees more than 80 percent, while Vietnam claims sway over the Paracel Islands and the Spratly Islands. Check out at

South China Sea

The Philippines affirms responsibility for Spratly archipelago and the Scarborough Shoal, while Brunei and Malaysia have asserted sway over southern pieces of the ocean and some of Spratly Islands.

China’s “nine-dash line” is a topographical marker used to attest its case. It extends the extent that 2,000km from the Chinese territory, arriving at waters near Indonesia and Malaysia.

For what reason is it significant?

The South China Sea is a key business lane associating Asia with Europe and Africa, and its seabed is rich with common assets. 33% of worldwide delivery, or a sum of US$3.37 trillion of universal exchange, goes through the South China Sea. Around 80 percent of China’s oil imports arrive by means of the Strait of Malacca, in Indonesia, and after that sail over the South China Sea to arrive at China.

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