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Name Cards have been exchanged by Businessmen since time immemorial. They have been essential as introductions to prospective customers or possible investors, and leave a long lasting imprint for future reference. But in a Digital Age, Digital Name Card Printing Singapore has achieved new heights of quality.

But why an old-fashioned Name Card

Name Cards, or “Calling Cards” as they are sometimes called, play a vital role in business connections, for future use, and even as references to new prospective customers, thus demonstrating the range and authenticity of one businessman to another. For sheer impression created when presenting a Name Card, the dramatic impact on meeting, and this small piece of paper or plastic has no equal. Even as Digital Age, the importance does not diminish. Particularly in Singapore, a center of World Trade, the Name Card is a must.

Digital Printing —– what is it?

In this system the card is produced by the digital transmission of the image directly to the printer. Digital folders or files such as PDFs in combination with Graphics Software such as InDesign are used to create perfect images, which can then be printed in intricate detail by powerful digital printers on a wide variety of printing papers and plastics.

The Best of the Best

In Singapore, some digital printing companies have emerged which can pack immense detail with precision on differently hued and textured Paper, Vellum or PVC Cards. The finishes available are Hotstamp, Embossed, Debossed, Round Corner or Die Cut. Digital Name Card Printing Singapore has blossomed into an art form.

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