Stratus Building Solutions Provides Commercial Floor Cleaning Services in the Cleveland Area

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Stratus Building Solutions is dedicated to providing cutting-edge cleaning services for all areas of our commercial customers’ properties. A lot of work goes into keeping hard surface floors looking new. You can rely on our staff for expert hard floor cleaning in Cleveland, OH, whether you have solid hardwood, tile surfaces, or vinyl flooring. Get in touch with our business floor cleaning crew and see how we can improve the appearance, comfort, and durability of any hard surface flooring. Know all about hard floor cleaning services in Cleveland, OH.

Dirt, foot traffic, dampness, and other variables that are part of normal wear and tear constantly affect the flooring at your workplace. It is common to practice applying many thin coats of polymer or wax finish to a floor to get a glossy, reflecting surface. Buffing will bring out the best in this coating and make it shine even more. We have the tools necessary to develop a cleaning routine that works with your schedule to maintain that coating looking & working as you want.

Refinishing Hardwood Floors Professionally

We have the resources to meet your demands if the final product’s finish requires some work. To safely and effectively remove the previous floor covering, our experts employ fast-acting chemicals explicitly created for hardwood floor stripping. As a final step, we apply an expert polymer finish to your floors, sealing them against wear and tear from traffic and the elements.

Our hardwood floor restoration services include more than just a durable coating. In addition to safeguarding what lies underneath, our new coatings will make your floors sparkle, making every room in your company seem better. Our experts know how important it is to treat every square foot of your home with the respect it deserves. Our hard surface cleaning services will keep your building looking its best at all times, which will help your company run more efficiently.

Cleaning Commercial Floors Efficiently and Consistently

When you choose us for hard floor cleaning, you’re getting a crew with the experience always to do a great job. Our commercial cleaning staff can adjust to the varying materials and build a routine that strikes the ideal balance between speed and thoroughness by using the most effective equipment, methods, and technology for each job.

We don’t use as much pressure cleaning as other cleaning companies do since it may ruin floor coatings, peeling paint, and loosen grout. Instead, we use the most advanced tools in the business to clean and dry your floors whenever they are necessary. Start experiencing the difference we can make on your floors by appointment with us now. If you want your floors to look great, call our cleaning service.

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