What is K11 Musea?

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Your office destination and location has a huge impact on your brand identity. Most major brands and retail outlets of the world, are located at prime locations that are artistic and attractive and where thousands of people visit. Also these locations have recreational and dining destinations too. Malls and shopping complexes are becoming a lot common and if you want to promote your brand amid art and culture, k11 musea hong kong is the perfect destination.

What is K11 musea?

k11 musea hong kong

K11 musea is a real estate property which is developed in HongKong by the K11 group of companies. It is a unique blend of cutting edge design, art, innovation and retail real estate which is personally designed and curated by K11 founder, Adrian Cheng. This property which is going to be launched in 2019, is going to be a game-changing destination for millennials all around the globe. This is a new kind of muse which is designed for the new generation. This property is built to reinvent the retail experience by providing all carefully picked world-famous brands an opportunity to showcase their story by means of heritage, bold flourishes of creativity that inspires and craftsmanship.

K11 Musea is built to inspire the next wave of disruptive brands and gives cultural creatives an opportunity and exhilarating location to discover. It is considered to be a place for global millennials that are aiming to gravitate towards the consumption of culture, art and commerce. For more information about this muse visit www.k11musea.com.

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