Learning is improved when better child counseling in Singapore is found

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Every child needs to be counseled for a certain period. Wondering why? Here is the answer, due to much pressure experienced by them. The pressures are of many types, including peer pressure, pressure from studies, and many more. So it is essential to find good child counselling singapore.

IIS is the best choice for you, as they give importance to every child, and no judgment based upon capabilities is practiced. They also have an exceptional staff team, essential in making students comfortable in a new environment.

The resident experts of these schools include qualified specialists and highly experienced therapists who can work with students nearby by providing individualized services.

  • They provide behavioral therapies.
  • They provide counseling.
  • They provide speech and occupational therapy.

Four core support domains of the school

  • Academic competence
  • Self-regulation and self-awareness
  • Relationship development
  • Higher-order cognitive functioning

Additional services included in the circular

  1. For newly enrolled students, an orientation program helps them know their school and its services better. Moreover, interactive sessions with the teachers are organized for students to know their teachers.
  2. Parent-teacher relations are maintained through parent-teacher meetings. These meetings are organized to inform the parents about their child’s performance. The Teacher can also provide feedback about the child’s behavior.
  3. Some students are slow in learning and want some additional help. In that case, you can enroll them in tuitions organized by the school.

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