How to use the open electricity market from Keppel Electric

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The Open Electricity Market is an enterprise by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) that enables you to enjoy more opportunities and flexibility when getting electricity. You can profit from competitive pricing and new offers from dealers. With the open electricity market Singapore, all household and market consumers can now buy power service from a retailer at a payment plan that best suits their needs.

With the open electricity market Singapore, you have the option of buying electricity from:

  • Keppel Electric at the fixed tariff, no action is needed if you prefer this option
  • A power retailer at a payment plan that best fulfils your needs
  • The wholesale power market at half-hourly wholesale electricity rates through Keppel Electric.

The facts about the open electricity market:

  • It is not necessary for you to change to a retailer. You can proceed to buy electricity from Keppel Electric at the regulated tariff.
  • There is no last day for switching. Get your time to know more about your choices before choosing to switch.
  • Despite who you get your electricity from, your power supply will remain the same. This is due to Keppel Electric will remain to operate the national power grid and produce electricity to everyone.
  • If you are qualified for U-Save discounts, you will, however, be able to utilize them to balance your electricity bill after changing to a retailer.
  • Changing is simple. Your dealer will work straight with Keppel Electric to make the change for you.

Keppel Electric has received the Retailer Permit from Energy Market Authority of Singapore (EMA) and can sell the electricity to industrial buildings, commercial structures, household buildings and other power end-users in Singapore. They will read the electricity consumption and charge profile of the user and work out the most proper electricity tariff pack for the electricity customer.

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