Is dry cleaning good or wet cleaning?

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A lot of people might still not be aware of what is dry cleaning as this is one of the technologies that was introduced several years ago. Wet cleaning is what we all were exposed to from the beginning by using water and people were following the same and even when the washing machine was invented, it also used the wet cleaning method using water to wash the clothes. If you would like to try dry cleaning, then checkout dry cleaning services singapore to make it done on a very reasonable price and of good quality too.

Here are some comparisons we have done on whether dry cleaning or wet cleaning is best. Read below to know the real difference. They are as follows,

  • Most of the modern fabrics that are being manufactured now has a warning tag of ‘dry clean only’. This is because washing it with water might cause color stains or the shrinking of the cloth to a greater extent that will not look good at the end. It is also good to avoid wet cleaning on the clothes that is suggested to do only dry cleaning to avoid any adverse effects on the cloth. Wet cleaning is good if you have the required amount of water to wash it by hands or machine. If you won’t be having time to do your laundry, contact dry cleaning services singapore to get it done in a specified amount of time in a very good condition.

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