Opening mechanisms of patio doors

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There are two fundamentally different models of patio doors. The first variant is the tilt and turn door. The second model includes sliding doors. These patio enclosures in Cedar Falls, IA can be further differentiated into lift and slide doors and fold and slide doors. Combinations of the two doors can be, for example, fold-and-slide doors or parallel-slide and tilt doors.

Tilt and turn doors

Tilt and turn doors consist of single or double-leaf elements, each of which is hinged on one side. With numerous connection points in the frame and the relatively small attack surface, this type of patio door guarantees a comparatively high level of burglary protection. Further advantages of the tilt and turn door are low costs and thermal efficiency. However, this type of patio door only allows small-format doors, as the instability increases over large areas.Tilt & Turn patio doors are similar to smaller balcony doors. Can be rotated and tilted.

Folding sliding doors

Folding sliding patio doors can be pushed together over a large area. The connected window belts on folding sliding doors can be pushed together individually or as a whole. The unobstructed view of the surroundings creates a direct transition between inside and outside. However, the many individual windows cause a high level of heat loss, which can be significantly reduced by using heat-insulating glass and the choice of a correspondingly energetic door frame.

Large lift and slide doors

Lift and slide doors are often chosen in combination with large window fronts. The incidence of light and the high stability are particularly positive properties that make the doors so popular. Maximum comfort is ensured by simply lifting and guiding offset sliding parts.It is also increased by elements of the door embedded in the floor, which enable an unhindered transition – this addition is particularly suitable for children, senior citizens and users of wheelchairs or walkers. A rather negative aspect is the space required due to the depth and the high acquisition costs. Lift and slide patio doors are the “classic” ground level patio door to slide open.

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