Single Malt Whiskey For Beginners

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Which single malt whiskey is best to start with? This question from blog readers returned so many times that I finally decided to add something on the subject. Many ways lead to the world of whiskey. Some get here through blends (mistakes? Nooooo), others through American whisk (e) y, and yet others have poured a glass of Laphroaig and their world has gone crazy. So there is no good way. However, it is such a way that it can reveal the world of whiskey with pleasant steps in good order. I will try to show it to you today.

Also, it should be added that this cycle we have exceeded 100 notes on the blog! Thank you all for reading and commenting. As part of this small jubilee, I have prepared a surprise for you. Just expand the blog!

Best Bars In Central Hong Kong

How do you start drinking whiskey?

Before we start reading, watching and listening about beginner whiskey, I will tell you in a few words what criteria I followed when choosing whiskey.


First of all, in this review, I chose whiskey as cheap as possible. Of course, their prices cannot be compared with blends, but in their category, they are affordable whiskey.


I included whiskey, best bars in central hong kong which you can buy in most large alcohol stores.


These whiskeys differ not only in origin but above all in taste. They differ so clearly that virtually everyone, regardless of sensory skills, will be able to find the differences between them and determine their preferences. Get Ready!

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