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Artificial intelligence will become our virtual assistant at every moment of our life. The professional question, ticket booking for a concert, choice of holidays, ordering races, partner for video games, friends with whom to chat and cultivate (chatbot) …

The AI will be our virtual assistant Developers who imagine our world of tomorrow will soon offer artificial intelligence surprising, much more powerful than Siri, the artificial intelligence of Apple, which however already performs a few dozen tasks. By the end of the year, the Virtual Assistant VIV, founded by the creators of Siri, should see the light of day. It will be according to its creators much more powerful than Siri and this advance should accelerate because the codes will be opened to the developers who wish to contribute to its improvement.

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Climate change and its main cause of pollution are in everyone’s mind as the stakes are high. It seems obvious that artificial intelligence will be used to help protect our planet. Smart robots and other devices are currently being developed to clean the environment and reduce the effects of air and water pollution. Quality and quantity of robotics companies uk.

Sophisticated software will allow robots to distinguish living organisms from biological pollutants, such as oil or hazardous waste, while tiny microbes will consume waste to leave only a healthy biological material. This will minimize the impact of humans on the ecosystem.

Some smart software will also be able to fight air pollution directly from fuel plants.

Carbon dioxide, chemical pollutants, and other gases will be identified and captured before they enter the factory chimneys and end up in our lungs.


Artificial intelligence makes it possible to develop the autonomy of our means of transport. The driverless car (or autonomous vehicle), is already there artificial intelligence will also serve trains, trucks, buses … There are already metros and driverless trains that carry passengers, including Dubai, Copenhagen, London, Madrid … Artificial intelligence is almost perfect; she is far more reliable than a human who can always be distracted or sick. Moreover, its reaction time is much faster

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