What are the cheapest cannabis seeds of 2020?

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Today we bring you a selection of the cheapest cannabis seeds of 2020. All of them belonging to the Gea Seeds catalog of seeds, a bank that has always set the best prices on the market while also following the highest quality standards in obtaining its seeds. Using this type of seeds, you guarantee a very low cost in the cultivation of marijuana, at the same time that you obtain the highest quality of conservation and packaging with all the guarantees.Here is the list of the cheapest cannabis seed varieties of 2020 and you can buy kush online.

Critical Purple

The Critical Purple of Gea Seeds is one of the economic marijuanas seeds a more balanced market. It is a feminized variety, easy to grow, and excellent productions. Its origin comes from crossing a Critical Bilbo with a variety of Afghan origin, which gives it productive capacity and resistance to pests and fungi. But the best of all of this strain is its hybrid genetics, which endows it with marijuana Sativa traits, like vigorous growth, but at the same time developing bulky and compact buds. Its effects are relaxing, but not narcotic and balanced, and its flavor is reminiscent of fruity and citrus tones.

cannabis seeds of 2020?

Black Kush 98

Cheap marijuana seeds do not imply worse quality. For example, Black Kush 98, is a strain descended from the legendary Northern Lights, combined with the power of an Afghani and the productive power of California Hashplant. You can buy kush online at portals like House of Budz. It has considerable levels of CBD, which will allow you to combat adverse health effects such as insomnia. It is an example of Indica marijuana, with large buds and good adaptation to the environment.


To end the list of the best economic marijuana seeds of 2020 we do it with the Sperm Whale, a Sativa trend hybrid, coming from the crossing of a Widow with a Haze. This variety has a delicious incense flavor and produces a good amount of harvest. It is a very powerful economic marijuana, which can contain up to 23% THC.


So far this was the list of the cheapest marijuana seeds of 2020.

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