Have you done theses things to prevent mosquitos to breed?

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The bite of mosquitos can cause real problems, which sometimes leads to death. If we take some necessary and not too hard steps, we will be able to fight against mosquitos. Click here for mosquito fogging singapore.

Around the house

Here are some precautions to maximize your protection and make your land less welcoming:

  • Make sure no water is stagnating in the gutters.
  • Empty the wading pools and turn over the wheelbarrows and boats. Eliminate the water that accumulates on the cloth covering the pool, in the saucers placed under the flower pots, etc.
  • Cover garbage cans, recycling bins and other containers or drill holes in the bottom of those that cannot be covered.
  • Replace at least twice a week the water of bird baths and bowls of domestic animals.
  • Prune dense vegetation (hedge of shrubs, long grass, etc.) where mosquitoes and other insects like to stay. Visit this site for mosquito fogging singapore.
  • Check the condition of the mosquito nets and, in rural areas, choose tight-fitting mosquito nets to block access to the burns.
  • Ensure that the outer doors close tightly.
  • Repair leaky faucets and hoses.
  • Limit night lighting outdoors and, when necessary, install yellow light bulbs.

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Other measures

It should be noted that some devices promising to eliminate or at least keep away insects are very effective against mosquitoes. This is the case of devices with a light source that emits ultraviolet light and is surrounded by a power wire to electrocute insects. According to the Montreal Insectarium, studies have estimated that mosquitoes represent only 3-5% of the insects they attract. In addition, females in search of blood would be more excited by people than by light. As for ultrasound emitters, tests have shown that female mosquitoes are insensitive to very high-pitched sounds.

Eliminate stagnant water

  • Remove or empty boilers, drums, old tires or any other outdoor object that may contain water.
  • Remove the water that accumulates on the solar cover of your pool.
  • Clean the gutters of your house.

Keep your environment clean

  • Cover your garbage cans.
  • Maintain your pool. When your pool filtration system works, water circulation prevents mosquitoes from breeding.
  • Install a mosquito net on your rainwater tanks.
  • Regularly change the water in your bird trough.
  • Place fish that eat mosquito larvae in your decorative ponds.

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