How to Build a Simple wooden table top?

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You grew up with men in your family and understood that creating a simple table was not rocket science. Off you went to collect nails timber and varnish and you got a design and you were set to go. This is how you built a wooden table.

  1. Firstly you chose. So you needed to ask the gentleman there are a variety of woods. A wood that was hard was chosen by me. Wood’s prices vary and were not cheap but you wanted to do a fantastic job of my table. Pick four pieces for table legs, and a piece of wood for the table. Do not forget to choose wood for the table legs for sturdiness and support.
  2. Gather your nails, wood adhesive, table saw, gloves, hammer, pencil and tape measure. Choose how large you want your table and cut off any extra wood. Clear a work space on a table, and start to gauge the size of your desk top. Then use your saw to saw off the piece if you realize that the timber is too large. Do not forget to measure cutting on a straight line.wooden table top
  3. Decide what height you want your table. Its purpose will determine the height of this table. Be sure you understand precisely what you would like to use the table for. As soon as you understand what the height is, you can start to use your ruler and pencil where you need to saw off the wood to create. Be sure that your table legs are the exact same size. As table legs will get the table.
  4. Set the table top. Get your glue out, and nail kit. In the nail kits you will discover different size nails. Pick one that seems like the size for your table. Next paste your legs using wood glue. This makes it easier to hammer in the nails and stabilizes the legs. When the wood glue has dried it is time to take your nails out. Twist the table and start to hammer in the nails. You can start to bring the leg braces As soon as you have hammered the nails into position. Leg braces provide support. Fit the leg brace into position and screw down either side firmly. Be sure the screws do not stick out through the timber.
  5. From this time your wooden table top should be done and all that is left to do is to sew or paint your own table. The end result was fantastic and your husband had to eat his words! A table was made by without breaking a nail!

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