Tired of bedbugs? Have you tried eliminating them with an effective steamer?

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 Bed bugs are a nuisance, these are small round brownish bugs that feed on blood, they do not fly but the move fast on the floor or any surface. When the infest home, they can harm to the inhabitants. An average bug can live without for up to 3 months and after eating the female bugs lay 5-8 eggs a day resulting in roughly up to 500 eggs in their lifetime. Having bugs at home disrupt your sleep and bug bites are irritating. It has been found out that killing bed bugs with steamer.

 How to use steam to eliminate the threat

Steams are an effective way to kill bugs that are on the surface and also effective within ¾ into the fabric surface, and 3/8 into curves and crevices. The steam kills bugs within all stages of development.

  • By attaching the nozzle to the wand,
  • the surface temperature must be 160-180-degree Fahrenheit and above this temperature, it may risk the fabric and damage other material.
  • And, after being done proper precautions and the manual should be followed for cooling of the steam.


Some of the best steamer for bed bugs are:

  • Mc Culloch MC 1275- Heavy-duty stream- It provides pressured stream, virtually cleaning every surface from bacteria, virus and our main problem that is bed bugs. This model has several accessories that make cleaning easy and possible on every possible surface. Water heats and is ready to steam in a matter of 8 minutes and the steam lasts up to 45 minutes for action, having a 48 ounce of the water tank, long power cord, and hose.
  • Steam Fast SF –30Wh- multipurpose steam cleaner, enabled with a stem loch that allows continuous steam without any variation in pressure. With a 45 ounce of water tank providing steam for up to 45 minutes and takes up to 8 mins for heating of water. Typically, with a long power cord and long hose.

Reviews show how these are cheap and affordable and quite effective to kill germs, bacteria, and bugs. The appliances are easy to handle and use.

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