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Tofu is having lot of nutritional benefits and because of it nowadays everyone wants to make their own tofu at home. if you want to get tofu fresh then you should have proper apparatus for that. If you want to buy tofu apparatus visit how to press tofu where you get the best tofu press which you get rid of all the water content from the tofu and makes it firmer thereby people whenever they want to have tofu they can chew it because of its texture. Nowadays it is even seasoned with many other spices in order to enhance the flavor of the tofu and also if you want to cook this tofu it won’t get distorted because of the harder inconsistency.

 What is the best way of making tofu at home?

best tofu press

 In order to make tofu at home it is very easy first and foremost thing is you have to soak the soya beans for at least 10 hours after that you have to make soya bean slurry and then it is subjected with citric acid in order to coagulate the soya milk which is formed from the slurry.

 Once after the coagulation happens then you have to separate the tofu from the water. In order to get the best tofu cakes you have to use the best hydraulic press or some kind of pressure has to be applied over the solid mass.

Once after all the water gets strained out then you can get the best quality tofu which can be cut into cakes and you can have this whenever you want.

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