Ways to Get More Authentic Fans Followers on Instagram

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Has your brand or image seen any positive returns over Instagram? Is your following on instagram driving you profitable traffic on your landing pages? Larger your audience gets more opportunities you need to engage with the users and produce unique experiences to them. For this reason, it is very important to pay more attention on building the organic and real audience on the social media. Here you will find different tips to get more fans on instagram:

Optimize Your Account

When you want more Instagram followers, important step will be having your account optimized. Think about your brand’s bio on Instagram as a “homepage”. This is one spot to get Instagram traffic on to your website, thus optimizing your instagram account is important.


Content Consistency

Worst thing you will ever do for getting Instagram followers is posting content irregularly. Suppose you are lucky to get users to follow you in a beginning, last thing that you have to do is to make them to forget that they followed you at a first place.

Schedule Your Posts

Instagram algorithm has totally changed to display users content that they like, and posting at a right time will give your posts good visibility. By scheduling your content, your whole team will see schedules and campaigns efficiently.

Know What is Real and Fake Followers

There is a vast difference in the fake and the legitimate followers on Instagram. It may appear tempting to just buy the Instagram followers, but backlash outweighs on perks of the organic follower growth.

Fake followers generally tend to:

  • Deceive new instagram followers
  • Have no ROI
  • Create no buzz

Legitimate people have an ability to like, share, engage and comment with your posts. In addition, these users will enjoy when there is someone on other side responding.


Creating awareness and visibility is the best method to be discovered. Suppose you wish to get good Instagram followers, make people know more about you and how to find you. Also, you can add some social media buttons on your blog or website to help to promote the social shares over all the networks and show people where you will find you on the Instagram

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